Accessing Data in the Cloud

Compatible with CouchDB

Inkdrop provides API to "hack" your note data from remote computer. It's called Data Access API which is compatible with CouchDB. That means, there're already tons of libraries for CouchDB and you can choose from them in your favorite language. We're using PouchDB for building the desktop app.

By using this API, you can make your own notebook client app with sync feature or useful utility.

Creating API Keys

The API key is necessary for both publishing your plugins and accessing your data stored in the cloud. To create new API key, go to API Keys page and push "Create new API key" button. Generated API key is not stored in the database, so be careful and don't lose it.

Getting your database URL

By default, Inkdrop creates a separate database for storing your data in the cloud. It has a URL for each databases. So you already have a URL to your database after signing up to Inkdrop.

Your database URL can be found at Preferences -> Sync. You should see your specific URL on the bottom of the pane like this:

Sync Preferences

The URL is something like this:<user_id>

Accessing your database

Now you can send a request to the URL via HTTPS, but you will get an error as following:

$ curl<user_id>/
{"error":"unauthorized","reason":"_reader access is required for this request"}

Because it's protected and you can't access without any credentials. You need to append your API keys as the credentials with HTTP Basic authentication in the request:

$ curl https://<access_key_id>:<secret_access_key><database_name>/

and you will get a response represented with JSON like following:


Now you've got access to your database. See CouchDB documentation for detailed API specifications.

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