Customizing the Editor

Inkdrop's text editor is built on top of CodeMirror which is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.

You can access the instance of CodeMirror like this:


You can also get a CodeMirror class object by doing require('codemirror').

How to install addons to CodeMirror

CodeMirror comes with a bunch of addons available to use. But you can't require them like require('codemirror/addons/fold/foldcode.js') because it is not in the search path. To do so, add a path to the app's node_modules to your require statements as following:

const app = require('electron');
const modulePath = app.getAppPath() + '/node_modules/'
require(modulePath + 'codemirror/addon/fold/foldcode.js');
require(modulePath + 'codemirror/addon/fold/foldgutter.js');
require(modulePath + 'codemirror/addon/fold/markdown-fold.js');

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