Writing Note

The editor supports standard Markdown syntax as well as GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) with inline formatting.

Live Preview

Inkdrop supports live preview of note. You can switch to Side-by-Side Preview with Cmd+P (on macOS) / Ctrl+P (on Windows/Linux) keybind to see the editor and preview side-by-side like this:


You can also toggle preview mode by clicking buttons on bottom right corner of the editor:

Toggle buttons

Note that those buttons are hidden unless you move the mouse cursor on the editor in order not to distract your writing.

Distraction Free Mode

To hide the sidebar and the note list, press Cmd+Shift+D / Ctrl+Shift+D to toggle Distraction Free Mode. You can even hide the toolbar on the top of the editor from the preferences if you don't need it.


Inkdrop lets you assign tags to a note. This is another way to organize your notes.


Tags are listed on the sidebar.

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