The Note model represents a Note object.


   "_id": "note:ryajdJ9Y",
   "_rev": "30-317a1636d4cdb2c755aee6e92e699cb3",
   "title": "Welcome to Inkdrop",
   "doctype": "markdown",
   "updatedAt": 1471228624903,
   "createdAt": 1470916772952,
   "tags": [
   "body": "The [Inkdrop docs]( for Guides and the API reference.\n * The Inkdrop forum at [github]( Please report issue or suggest feedback here.\n * The [Inkdropapp org]( This is where all Inkdrop-created packages can be found.\n\n* * *\n\n### Get to know Inkdrop 🚀\n\n * [👀 Check a note example](inkdrop://note:HyxgYO15t)\n * [📓 Create a notebook]()\n * [✍️ Create a note]()\n * [🖌 Choose a Theme]()\n * [⚙ Customize the Editor]()\n * [⌨️ Learn some Shortcuts]()\n",
   "bookId": "book:rylKOycF",
   "status": "none"



Type: String

The unique document ID which should start with note: and the remains are randomly generated string.


Type: String

This is a CouchDB specific field. The current MVCC-token/revision of this document (mandatory and immutable).


Type: String

The title of the note.


Type: String

The format type of the body field. It currently can take markdown only, reserved for the future.


Type: Number

The date time when the note was last updated, represented with Unix timestamps in milliseconds.


Type: Number

The date time when the note was created, represented with Unix timestamps in milliseconds.


Type: Array of String

The list of tag IDs.


Type: String

The content of the note represented with Markdown.


The ID of the book with which the note is associated.


Type: String

The status of the note with one of following values:

  • none: No status
  • active: Active
  • onHold: On Hold
  • completed: Completed
  • dropped: Dropped

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