v5.3.0 Release Notes

Publish date: 2021-05-03

You've got big updates that would significantly improve your workflow πŸ’ͺ

Local REST API endpoint

It allows other programs to access your data in your computer via a simple HTTP API. Why is it awesome? See below..

Alfred integration for searching notes quickly

Alfref integration

With the local REST API endpoint enabled, it gives a lot of possibilities to integrate Inkdrop with the existing productivity tools like Alfred! Alfred is the powerful alternative to Spotlight on macOS. By integrating Inkdrop and Alfred, you can instantly search your notes from Alfred.

Browser integrations for clipping web pages in Markdown

Web clipper

Another benefit of having the local REST endpoint is the web clipper. It lets you save any web page off the internet to your Inkdrop database in Markdown so you can read or edit it later, while synchronizing it securely via the end-to-end encryption. The browser extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox!

Better note conflict resolution

Conflicted note

Inkdrop sometimes automatically resolves note conflicts but it could cause unwanted results in some cases. In this update, it provides a dedicated UI for resolving the note conflicts. You can view conflicted revisions in a separate window respectively to manually resolve the conflicts, which would prevent losing your edits. It will be also supported in the mobile version.

Other New features

  • Show editing note title in title bar Title bar
  • Dock menu for opening new window (Thanks Yusuke)
    Dock menu


  • Show "Offline" when unreachable to the Inkdrop server (Thanks zed and Jon) Offline status
  • Upgrade Electron from 7 to 12
  • API: add editor-floating-actions layout that allows you to add custom floating action buttons on the editor (See the doc) (Thanks Ron)
  • Scroll sidebar to the selection automatically when opened a notebook (Thanks Shogo)
  • Network diagnosis to help configure Inkdrop for running it behind corporate proxy from menu Help -> Run Network Diagnosis.
  • Set window background to dark on dark mode to avoid flashy white backgrounds (Thanks Hugh)
  • View an old revision in a separate window
  • Support Elixir language (Thanks Clish54)
  • Better HTML -> Markdown converter. It can now detect languages in code blocks in HTML.


  • Prevent adding more than one tags with the same name (Thanks Avis)
  • Change folder structure and file name of backup files that avoid using : character, which is prohibited in some cloud storage services (Thanks Ryan, Nicole, and Evan)
  • Disable horizontal scrollbars for printing with other syntax themes (Thanks Gogdizzy)
  • Remove navigation keymaps like cmd-k right on macOS and ctrl-k right on Windows and Linux (Thanks Shunichi)

v5.2.1 Release Notes

Publish date: 2021-01-14

Happy new year! πŸ™Œ


  • New app icon for macOS Big Sur πŸ’…


  • Pasting an image from clipboard does not replace the selection (Thanks avis)
  • App sometimes won't load when the main window was out of screen in the previous session (Thanks Ryan)
  • Cannot import Markdown files which don't have YAML frontmatters (Thanks Ryan)
  • Extract repo URL from SSH URI properly on plugin pages (Thanks Ryan)
  • Ctrl-LClick for multiple cursors is not working on Windows or Linux (Thanks Nicolo)

v5.2.0 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-12-21

Hello! Check out my vlog for this update :)

Search feature improvements

  • title: and body: search qualifier to filter notes by title or body (Thanks Zhuolun) title qualifier
  • Support changing order of search results (Thanks Micah_Ledbetter) Search result order

Importing & exporting feature improvements

  • Support importing images when importing from Markdown or HTML files
  • Support YAML frontmatter for Markdown export (Thanks Robert)

Workflow improvements

  • Support adding tags and status by drag-and-drop notes (Thanks Jan)
    DnD support
  • Add "Remove Tag" context menu on note tag bar (Thanks Jan)
  • Support inkdrop:// URL scheme on Windows (Thanks Otawara-san)
    • Now the URL scheme works across macOS, Linux and Windows πŸŽ‰
  • Add some animations πŸƒ
    DnD support


  • Allow smaller window size when distraction free mode (Thanks Shota-san)
  • Move a window into the primary screen if it was outside of screens (Thanks Alexander)
  • Fix word-break of shared page url on note sharing dialog
  • Hide workspace if notebook does not exist when restoring navigation state (Thanks T_Crain)
  • Fix placeholder bug in codemirror (Thanks Akira-san)
  • Exporting a note that includes $' causes an unexpected output when exporting as HTML or PDF (Thanks Saito-san)
  • BREAKING CHANGE: inkdrop://note:*** URIs are no longer working on macOS Big Sur. Please replace them with inkdrop://note/***.

v5.1.2 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-11-02



  • Add 'Insert Image' toolbar button
  • Improve launch speed a little bit
  • Add "Open Link" context menu for URLs in editor
  • Add "Copy Link Address" context menu for URLs in editor URL context menu
  • Show keyboard shortcuts for changing note status URL context menu


  • Clear up search query when restoring 'All Notes' state
  • Empty areas appear when exporting as PDF (Thanks Dscat)
  • Force breaking all characters for long URLs in editor (Thanks Jon)
  • Incorrect YAML frontmatter detections (Thanks Dscat)
  • Wrong title for imported md file with YAML frontmatter (Thanks Federico)
  • Can't export when note list is hidden (Thanks Dscat)
  • Hide pin header when searching with keyword
  • Some images are not shown in plugin readmes
  • Adding new notebooks with the sidebar has a non trivial hierarchy (Thanks Athul)

v5.1.1 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-09-24

g'day. Automn is coming! 🍁

Faster restoration of navigation state

Quicker to resume your work!

Add 'Insert image' toolbar button

I don't remember why I didn't add it before, haha.
Open link context menu

Good news for vimmers: 'Open Link' context menu for URL tokens in the editor

When you use it with vim plugin, double-clicking to open a link does not work as the event is handled by the plugin. Allowing to open a link from the context menu would solve such issue. Also we got 'Copy Link Address' menu as well.
Open link context menu


  • Export a note as pdf not working (Thanks Suzuki-san)
  • Search query not cleared when restoring 'all notes' navigation state

v5.1.0 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-09-21

It remembers your work state! 🀯

Now it supports restoring the last navigation state on launching. It means that Inkdrop remembers which note you were editing, and sidebar and note list state, including search keywords. So, you can quickly resume your work even if you fell asleep in the middle of work :)

Better note exportability

When you wrote up a note, it should be able to be exported quickly. This update improves the note exportability so that you can work with other apps faster.

  • Support "Copy as HTML" and "Copy as Simple HTML" context menu to note list (Thanks Joey)
  • Support exporting a notebook as Markdown or HTML from sidebar context menu
  • Support exporting multiple selected notes as Markdown (Thanks Marco)
  • Support batch export as pdf format
  • Support copying note with images as HTML from preview pane (Thanks Mike)
    VIDEO🎬: devlog: Fixing a bug of my Electron-based React app!

Other improvements

  • Set status and tag based on current query context (Thanks Shogo-san)
    • When you are selecting a tag or status, new note will have the tag/status automatically.
  • Remember workspace view state in navigation history
  • Defer showing app update notification when the app is in background (Thanks LuΓ­s, Parker, Al, and Timo)
    • It shows when the window is focused


  • Pinned notes not listed at the top in tag and status groups (Thanks Shimizu-san)

v5.0.1 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-09-09

New feature

  • Add "Open notebook" context menu to notebook picker on editor (Thanks Yamashita-san)
    open notebook menu


  • Add a command 'core:note-list-show-notes-in-book-of-editing-note'


  • HTTPS web proxy not working in some environments (Thanks Shimizu-san)
  • Blank search box shows no notes (Thanks Dav)
  • 'shift-ctrl-o' for toggling numbered list not working (Thanks Peilun)
  • Parse YAML frontmatter only at the first line (Thanks codeaporia)
  • source-map-support not working, causing 'Failed to render Markdown' error (Thanks Jonathan, Brad, and Dav)
  • Some editor config values are not applied when changed (Thanks Tahara-san)
  • 'core:navigate-back'/'core:navigate-forward' commands should be bound with alt-left/alt-right for the convention of Windows and Linux (Thanks Otawara-san)

v5.0.0 Release Notes

Publish date: 2020-09-01


You can take a glance at the blogpost here about this update! Thank you, Andi, can_Y, ebigram, Erdem, Gustavo, James, Mike, Rael, tdudz, and Zhuolun for helping me test the beta versions.

New features

  • Pin notes to top (Thanks Andi, Alec, Bastian and Adelbert)
  • Show sub-notebooks in notebook submenu (Thanks James and Jeremy)
  • Remember sort & order of note list per view (all/notebook/tag/status/pins)
  • Toggling statuses and tags sections in sidebar
  • Support editor:open-link command which allows you to open a link on browser from the editor. The default keystroke is shift-ctrl-o
  • Support Workspace View
  • Includes sub-notes when notebook item is collapsed on sidebar
  • Remember navigation state in navigation history
  • Restore note list and editing state when exiting searching.
    After exiting from searching by hitting Esc key or clearing keyword, you get back to the previous state of the note list and the editor.
  • Filtering notebooks by keyword when moving a notebook
  • Add MIME type x-scheme-handler/inkdrop for Linux so that you can open it with inkdrop:// URI scheme (Thanks Andi)
  • Toggle task list ([ ] or [x]) by mouse click in editor
  • GUI for installing plugins


  • Show accelerators (shortcut keys) in context menu
  • Default keyboard shortcut for pinning notes
    • P on note list
  • Make strong & em text clearer in syntax themes
  • Improve blockquote styling in syntax and preview themes
  • Change the keystroke for core:insert-link to cmd-k or ctrl-k
  • Select next note when deleting notes (Thanks Mike)
  • Restore focus when closing a dialog
  • Smaler font size for note title
  • Better performance in rendering note list items
  • The app launch speed significantly improved
  • Refurbish the editor toolbar
  • Refurbish icons
  • Add a separator for grouping pinned notes (Thanks tdudz)
  • Improve search result by having bigger weight for title field (Thanks Zhuolun and James)
  • Show progress of updating local indices
  • Show error dialog when failed to load the config files (Thanks can_Y)
  • Show more human-friendly error messages (Thanks Samantha)
  • Include 'Completed' & 'Dropped' statuses when filtering with keywords
  • Remove 'Search' sidebar menu
  • Better conversion from HTML to Markdown
  • Restart sync when system unlocked
  • Restart sync when system resumed


  • Plugin readme is not showing as expected
  • Incorrect parent book Id is used when creating new notebook (Thanks Gustavo)
  • Prevent closing window on pressing ctrl-w on note title input bar on Windows and Linux
  • Do not blur on pressing backspace with all text selected in tag input
  • add https:// if the URL is invalid format (Thanks Rael)
  • fix incorrect English (Thanks Rael)
  • Fallback to the default theme if not installed (Thanks Mark)
  • Exporting all notes as Markdown not working when exporting sub-notebooks (Thanks Tiemen)
  • Create new notebook modal already has value from previously create notebook (Thanks Martynas)
  • Avoid loading 'null' mode in the editor
  • Fix the issue where "Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined" occasionally happens on the note list (Thanks Gustavo and Rael)