v5.4.0 Release Notes

Publish date: 2021-09-02

Design updates for Windows and Linux!

The default white title bar on Windows messes up the app clean design, especially with dark themes. In this release, you've got the new custom title bar with a frameless window. Please take a look at this:

Custom title bar on Windows

By getting rid of the white strip bar, we can now have the acrylic translucent background on Windows, which looks stunning:

Vibrant dark UI demo

Try installing vibrant-dark-ui theme.

New feature

  • Tab size option (Thanks Avis)


  • Code-sign the Windows installer

A bunch of bugfixes

  • Scroll past end should stop at the last line (Thanks Nicole)
  • The app crashes on quitting on Windows 8 (Thanks Dmitriy)
  • Empty task list should have a height (Thanks Magnus)