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Keybindings with numbers and the shift modifier together do not work

This is an example note

I took this note when I get a bug report on the user forum, which is about keybindings of Inkdrop.

Bug report

Currently keybindings cannot contain numbers with the shift modifier together in one keybinding (eg. ctrl-shift-2)

Therefore the default keybindings for changing the note status also dont work.

I have tried to use the character in the keybinding that appears when using shift and the number (eg. shift-1! - german keyboard layout) as this is the case when using the shift modifier with an alphabetic character (eg. shift-K)


  • Platform: Windows, Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 11, 22.04
  • App Version: v5.8.0-beta.1

How to reproduce

These are a few keybindings that i have used for some testing.

not working keybindings:


It can be reproduced on macOS as well. I looked into the source code of the Atom's keymap module and found that it is intended:

        // fetch the shifted version to maintain our former keystroke output
      } else if (!isAltModifiedKey) {
        return __guard__(
          x1 => x1[event.code]
  if (characters) {
    if (event.shiftKey) {
      key = characters.withShift
    } else if (characters.unmodified != null) {
      key = characters.unmodified

It converts characters to the 'with-shift' ones if the shift key is held down.

But I guess it could be resolved by converting characters when normalizing a keystroke here:


Modified the code in helpers.js:

console.log(key, 'isNonCharacterKey:', isNonCharacterKey)
console.log(key, 'isLatinCharacter:', isLatinCharacter(key))
console.log(key, 'isUpperCaseCharacter:', isUpperCaseCharacter(key))
if (
  key === 'shift' ||
  (shiftKey &&
    event.type !== 'keyup' &&
    (isNonCharacterKey || (isLatinCharacter(key) && isUpperCaseCharacter(key))))
) {
  if (keystroke) {
    keystroke += '-'
  console.log('add shift')
  keystroke += 'shift'

When pressing <kbd>Cmd-Shift-1</kbd>:

! isNonCharacterKey: false
! isLatinCharacter: true
! isUpperCaseCharacter: false

I don't know it is a bug or not..

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