Salvage Data from Local Database

If you lost your password and cannot authenticate anymore, it means unfortunately that you have lost your account because your data is encrypted in client. Please try troubleshooting once again in order to check if you certainly lost the account.

However, there is still a chance to salvage your data if you haven't uninstalled the desktop app yet. It stores your data without encrypting in local database. You can use our tool to extract data as backup files from it. Follow the below steps to try that.

Install Inkdrop local database extractor

The tool is published on npm as inkdrop-localdb-extract.


How to install

npm install -g inkdrop-localdb-extract

How to salvage data

You got a command inkdrop-localdb-extract:


  --version   Show version number                                      [boolean]
  -s, --src   The path to the source database directory
              (ex: "~/Library/Application Support/inkdrop/db/56ab08396cec2c0f87492c9a0f005f86")   [required]
  -d, --dest  The path to the destination directory                   [required]
  --help      Show help                                                [boolean]

Your data directory can be found at the following path:

  • on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/inkdrop/db/<USER_ID>
  • on Windows: %APPDATA%\inkdrop\db\<USER_ID>
  • on Linux: ~/.config/inkdrop/db/<USER_ID>

USER_ID looks something like 56ab08396cec2c0f87492c9a0f005f86.

For example:

inkdrop-localdb-extract --src /path/to/db --dest /path/to/store

Then, you should get backup files in the specified destination directory.

Migrate data to new account

If you successfully salvaged data, now you can restore it to new account. If you would like to migrate the payment information of your old account, please contact us. We will migrate your payment information and delete the old account.

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