Key note categories and examples for tech issues

Improve revision history view

This is an example note

I took this note when I got a feature idea and tried to implement it

What I took for adding this new feature was:

  • A brief idea description, like what issue you are going to solve
  • Temporary snippets for testing
  • A promising library, and how it actually was
  • Screenshots of UI inspiration and implementation
  • Platform-specific issues


  • 🗃️ Repo (private):

It is annoying to choose a revision from the list to view the old note versions. It'd be useful to support displaying the revision history like git log -p.

Test data

let noteId = `note:KyDZ-1BlP`
let note = await inkdrop.main.dataStore.local.notes.get(noteId, {
  revs_info: true,
let revs = await Promise.all(
    .filter((info) => info.status === 'available')
    .map((info) => {
      return inkdrop.main.dataStore.local.notes.get(noteId, { rev: info.rev })

You can get revision IDs via note._revs_info[number].rev, where info.status === 'available'


let noteId = `note:KyDZ-1BlP`
  .changes({ doc_ids: [noteId], since: 0 })
  .on('change', (info) => {

No, it doesn't work

Use diff to create patches

Oh yeah, it's actually easy:

const bodyPatch = structuredPatch(

Now you can get diff infos something like this:

    "oldRev": "55-e5813ba53592b4c35237074f70676bac",
    "newRev": "56-63bab07dcf1f135a2dd70db2beddf025",
    "body": {
        "oldFileName": "note",
        "newFileName": "note",
        "oldHeader": "55-e5813ba53592b4c35237074f70676bac",
        "newHeader": "56-63bab07dcf1f135a2dd70db2beddf025",
        "hunks": [
                "oldStart": 27,
                "oldLines": 8,
                "newStart": 27,
                "newLines": 9,
                "lines": [
                    " ",
                    " ## Rebuild UI",
                    " ",
                    " * [oblador/react-native-animatable: Standard set of easy to use animations and declarative transitions for React Native](",
                    "+* [Create a UI mockup using Restyle](inkdrop://note/FmIrJlT-O)",
                    " ",
                    " ## Bug tracking",
                    " ",
                    " * Upgrade lib: [Bugsnag docs › React Native › Navigation libraries]("



GitHub's UI


It supports selecting diff text


Light theme:

Light theme #x-small

Android issues

✅ Non-editable TextInput text selection not working on android

  • Use this instead:

Oh no, it's quite old - last update date is 4y ago.. But it's simple enough, so I assume it works.

👀 Oh, <Text selectable> allows you select the text on Android!

✅ lineHeight on Android works incorrectly

The lines are not properly aligned..

Android #x-small

Changing the body font size to 13 solved.

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