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Bump up Electron to 28

This is an example note

I documented the process and issues I encountered while I try to bump up Electron to the latest version for Inkdrop.

Mica/Acrylic support

Looks not stable still:

Electron rebuild

❯ electron-rebuild
⠹ Building module: fsevents, Completed: 1  SOLINK_MODULE(target) Release/.node
  CXX(target) Release/
In file included from ../
../../../../nan/nan.h:686:39: warning: 'IdleNotificationDeadline' is deprecated: Use MemoryPressureNotification() to influence the GC schedule. [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
    return v8::Isolate::GetCurrent()->IdleNotificationDeadline(
/Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/v8-isolate.h:1343:3: note: 'IdleNotificationDeadline' has been explicitly marked deprecated here
/Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/v8config.h:561:41: note: expanded from macro 'V8_DEPRECATE_SOON'
#   define V8_DEPRECATE_SOON(message) [[deprecated(message)]]
In file included from ../
In file included from ../../../../nan/nan.h:60:
In file included from /Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/node.h:79:
In file included from /Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/v8.h:24:
In file included from /Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/v8-array-buffer.h:12:
/Users/nora/.electron-gyp/28.1.3/include/node/v8-local-handle.h:261:5: error: static assertion failed due to requirement 'std::is_base_of<v8::Value, v8::Data>::value': type check
    static_assert(std::is_base_of<T, S>::value, "type check");
    ^             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
../../../../nan/nan_callbacks_12_inl.h:175:20: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'v8::Local<v8::Value>::Local<v8::Data>' requested here
      cbinfo(info, obj->GetInternalField(kDataIndex));
1 warning and 1 error generated.
make: *** [Release/] Error 1
Error: `make` failed with exit code: 2
    at ChildProcess.onExit (/Users/nora/Developments/inkdrop/desktop/node_modules/node-gyp/lib/build.js:203:23)
    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:519:28)
    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:294:12)

✖ Rebuild Failed

Upadting nan from 2.17.0 to 2.18.0 solved.

Cannot start the app

❯ npm start
npm info using npm@10.2.4
npm info using node@v21.4.0

> inkdrop@5.6.2 start
> electron build

2024-01-15 09:55:10.269 Electron[79398:7414266] WARNING: Secure coding is automatically enabled for restorable state! However, not on all supported macOS versions of this application. Opt-in to secure coding explicitly by implementing NSApplicationDelegate.applicationSupportsSecureRestorableState:.
Failed to init app: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'filename')
    at launchApp (/Users/nora/Developments/inkdrop/desktop/build/main.js:4044:98)
    at /Users/nora/Developments/inkdrop/desktop/build/main.js:9971:15
  app:debug Loaded! +0ms

Looks like global.require.main!.filename is no longer available?

global.require.main: undefined

ok... 🤔

Any alternative?

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.02.24

I guess app.getAppPath() is equivalent to it.

Got it to work!

Renderer process errors

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.05.41

It fails to load:

Message REMOTE_RENDERER_CALLBACK sent by unexpected WebContents

Updating @electron/remote solved!


  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

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