Basic Usage

Inkdrop has three parts


  • Sidebar (on the left): it lists notebooks and tags here. Notebooks are like folders you can create recursively. Tags are like labels which can link notes with related topic.
  • Note list (in the middle): all your notes live here, ordered by modification date by default. You can search notes with keywords from a search bar on the top of it.
  • Editor (on the right): this is where your magic happens; you're looking at it. 😄

Creating new note and notebook

To create new note, you can either push a button on the right top of the note list or input keybind Cmd+N / Ctrl+N.


To create new notebook, click 'Add' button on the right of 'Notebooks' section:


To create a sub notebook, right click on the notebook item which would be parent and choose "New Sub Notebook.." menu.

Settings and Preferences

Inkdrop has a number of settings and preferences you can modify in the Preferences View.

To open the Settings View, you can:

  • on macOS:
    • Use the Inkdrop > Preferences menu item in the menu bar
    • Use the Cmd+, keybinding
  • on Windows & Linux:
    • Use the File > Settings menu item in the menu bar
    • Use the Ctrl+, keybinding

And you should see the window like this:


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