Turn notes into tasks

Inkdrop is a Swiss Army knife in the world of note-taking. One of its features is task management. It's possible due to the dedicated progress statuses. You can use statuses like 'Active' or 'Completed' to manage task-oriented notes easier.

Task management

Add status to note

To add a status to a note:

  1. Open the note that you want to mark with status.
  2. Under the note's title, click Status.
  3. Select a status from the list:
    • Active: Task is in progress.
    • On Hold: Task is on hold.
    • Completed: Task is completed.
    • Dropped: Task is canceled.
    • None: Initial status for all notes. Set this status if you don't want to track progress of a note.

Watch a video showing a basic use case:

Filter notes by status

You can filter the notes by their statuses. For example, you can see how many tasks you've accomplished 💪

To do this:

  • On the sidebar, in the Status list, select Completed.
    The note list shows notes with the 'Completed' status.
Notes with the Completed and Dropped statuses are hidden in the note list when you view them via a notebook.

See also how to search notes with specific status.

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