Recovering Your Password

Inkdrop cannot reset your password

For securing your data, your notes are encrypted and Inkdrop must need your password to decrypt your data. This means that if you forget your login password, we cannot recover your data and we can't even reset your password.

But there is one way to recover your password, which is to check your computer system possibly storing your password.

Check your Keychain/Keyring in your computer

The client desktop app stores your password as same as web browser does in secure way. On macOS the password are managed by the Keychain, on Linux it is managed by Gnome Keyring and on Windows it is managed by Credential Vault.

Note that it doesn't work if you have already logged out from Inkdrop on the client app.

For Windows users

Unfortunately you can't get your password from Windows Credential Vault.

On macOS

Keychain Access 01

  • Launch "Keychain"
  • Search with "Inkdrop"
  • Double click an item with kind of application password

Keychain Access 02

  • Click "Show password" check box

On Linux (Ubuntu)

Keyring Access 01

  • Launch "Passwords and Keys"
  • Search with "Inkdrop"
  • Click an item which the name starts with inkdrop/

Keyring Access 02

  • Click "Show password" check box

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