Working Behind Web Proxy

If you are working behind a company proxy or you have a local proxy running, it's necessary to tell Inkdrop to go through it. Here is a quick tip for those dealing with a proxy.

You can configure the web proxy settings by editing config.cson. This config file is in following directory:

  • on macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/inkdrop/config.cson
  • on Windows: %APPDATA%/inkdrop/config.cson
  • on Linux: ~/.config/inkdrop/config.cson

Quit Inkdrop before you edit it.

      http_proxy: "http://webproxy:8080/"
      https_proxy: "http://webproxy:8080/"

Now open Inkdrop and you will be able to get synced! If the web proxy requires BASIC auth, you can just specify a URL with username and password like so:


Configuring ipm

ipm is also necessary to be configured for working behind a web proxy.

ipm config set proxy "http://webproxy:8080"
ipm config set https_proxy proxy "http://webproxy:8080"

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