Searching Notes

Notes are only useful if you can find them quickly. Inkdrop's full-text search also supports filtering notebooks and tags with search qualifiers.

To search all the notes, either click the search bar on the top of the note list or press Cmd+Shift+F / Ctrl+Shift+F keybind to set focus to it.


Now you can search by keyword.

Search notes within a notebook, with tags and with status

With book:<book_name> qualifier, you can search notes within specified notebook. For example:

book:"First Notebook"

If the notebook name has one or more space characters, enclose its name in double quotes (").

With tag:<tag_name> qualifier, you can search notes with specified tag. For example:


With status:<status_name> qualifier, you can search notes with specified status. For example:


Search with a phrase

By enclosing keywords in double quotes ("), you can search notes by a phrase including spaces. Example:

"foo bar"

Excluding modifier

To search notes NOT matched with specified keyword and condition, add - modifier before the keyword and the qualifier like following:

-"foo bar"

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